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Aquatic sport, fun and the Lower Rhine   

A recreational area that deserves the designation “all-round recreational paradise”, recreation centre Xanten, can be found at the gates of the historically and culturally significant city of Xanten on the Lower Rhine.
The Xanten North Sea and the Xanten South Sea, two lakes that are connected and cover a 250 hectare large area, offer a practically endless range of water sport facilities that are supplemented with a number of attractive facilities, including a harbour area with gastronomy, the nature bathing beach Xanten South Sea and with adjacent water-ski facilities.
The extensive range of recreational facilities at recreation centre Xanten offers people, who wish to take a short break, and day trippers from nearby towns and cities within the Ruhr Area, from Düsseldorf, Krefeld and the Lower Rhine area a varied programme – a modern contrast to ancient Xanten that is well-known for its Roman archaeological site.
Guests visit the Xanten recreation centre, since they don’t have to travel far in order to taste the holiday atmosphere. With the A57 and the A3 in the  proximity, it only takes a short drive to get to recreation centre Xanten – from most densely populated areas within North Rhine-Westphalia it only takes an hour by car.
The facilities come up to the expectations of the many types of visitors: hiking/walking and recreation, peace and quiet and relaxation, recreationally oriented gastronomy, a sailing school, two water-ski cable systems, boat rental and many more.
In addition, all facilities at the Xanten recreation centre  have something in common: nowhere else within North Rhine Westphalia can an area be found that has such density and wide range of activities with regard to water sport and recreation.

Xanten North Sea:
Eldorado for captains and surfers

The Xanten North Sea water sport area offers a wide range of activities for leisure captains, yachtsmen and -women, scuba divers, fishermen, hikers, cyclists, nature lovers…
The boat marina in Vynen, in Wardt and the marina in Xanten, which was opened in 2010 and is located on the Xanten South Sea, offer the ideal setting for a cosy get together in maritime ambience. After a small refreshment or snack,  pedal boats can be rented at the Vynen and Xanten marina and electric boats, canoes, FZX party rafts for groups as well as classic sailing boats (Optimist, Flying Cruiser Jolle and Poly Valk) are available for rent at the Vynen marina. The so-called FZX donuts (design party boats with sunscreen on board) can be rented at the Xanten marina. Those, who own a boat, will find mooring places for boats in a friendly setting with own access to the jetty at the Vynen and at the Wardt marina on the Xanten North Sea as well as at the Xanten marina on the Xanten South Sea.
The Xanten North Sea sailing school at the Xanten marina offers a brief introduction to sailing, for those who are interested and for all ages. This is the place to be to obtain sailing certifications and to do exams. Well-priced orientation lessons with competent water sport instructors are offered as well – this allows guests to sail without any certification.
The Xanten North and South Sea make up an interesting area with a lot of variety for fans of surfing. Annual passes can be combined with an annual or seasonal berth place for the surfboard – in that way your equipment is always ready and waiting and you don’t have to miss out on anything.
Both fanatic and recreational hikers appreciate the peace and quiet and the natural surrounding area alongside the 15-kilometer long cycle and footpaths around both lakes and the connecting canal. A very special experience is scuba diving in the clear and clean water. Places that provide diving access can be found at the Vynen en Wardt marina as well as at the aquatic centre on the Xanten South Sea. Look forward to a surprisingly versatile underwater flora and fauna.
A special highlight for scuba divers is the “underwater sculpture park”. For a special exhibition in the Xanten See, various steel objects of art, made by an artist and object designer, have been installed by him at a depth of 15 meters. The exhibition can only be accessed by scuba divers. The coordinates of the object are announced by the ‘blue diver’ on a metal plate at the aquatic centre (diver access).
In addition to the exhibition a second attraction for divers, a sunk ship wreck, can be found nearby.

The Vynen marina

More than three decades ago, right outside the city limits of Xanten, a start was made with the reclamation of shingle around the villages of Vynen and Wardt. This is how the Xanten Sea was created  and how the basis for the Xanten recreation centre was developed. After the Vynen marina had celebrated its 25th anniversary,  a new multifunctional harbour building was constructed, which had been designed in collaboration with the planning team of the main share holder Regionalverband Ruhr.
Besides functional rooms, spaces and changing rooms, the building comprises modern gastronomic facilities and a classroom, which is required for the courses, offered by the Xanten North Sea sailing school.

The Xanten marina on the Xanten South Sea

Another project  of recreation centre Xanten and, once again, in collaboration with main stockholder Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR),  was realised in 2010: the Xanten marina on the Xanten South Sea. The multifunctional building with gastronomy is within walking reach from the LVR-archaeological park and the medieval city centre of Xanten. A sheet pile wall, jetty and boat lift, a promenade with avenue and seating steps  by the water, berths, a mooring place for the passenger ship, playground and parking spaces supplement the attractive leisure facilities.
Regionally unique is also the adventure golf complex at the Xanten marina. It comprises 18 courses to play midget golf as creative game or as recreational activity, has a new, modern and, above all, nature-related set up and it is suitable for all ages.
The Xanten marina was the last addition to the Xanten recreation centre, the tourist establishment that – with its affiliates around the water sports area Xanten North and South Sea – provides the Lower Rhine and Ruhr Ares with a wide range of  leisure facilities and services.

Bathing beach Xanten South Sea:
Holiday feeling for young and old

The Xanten South Sea bathing beach offers the opportunity to spend “holidays like by the sea”, without having to travel far. The natural bathing beach with over a 1000 meters of beach with fine, clean sand and ample space in sunbathing areas, action and sports fields offers all requirements needed for a great beach holiday. Furthermore, there are attractive inflatable tyre tubes, diving platforms and climbing frames as well as outdoor equipment, including the „Aqua-Park“, where you can enjoy yourself in the water; sports and play fields, a cafeteria, kiosk, beach garden and gastronomic facilities guarantee a perfect holiday on, in and by the water.
Fans of a tan, without stripes can use the nudist beach and the entire bathing beach area has sunshades and recliners. A shop on the premises offers all you need for a day filled with swimming and sunbathing.
This complex has a unique appearance – all our guests share this view. Due to its generous layout you will never get the impression that there are too many  people and everyone is able to find a quiet spot..

Water-ski Xanten South Sea:
High speed surfing

The waterski cableway counter on the Xanten South See, directly opposite the bathing beach, is the most advanced facility of its kind in the region.  Here beginners and die-hard waterskiers and wakeboarders can engage in their sports to their heart’s content.
The speed can be adjusted – it only takes less than an hour for beginners to learn how to go waterskiing.  Witnessing spectacular tricks and jumps from ramps is not only restricted to water-ski events. The 5 mast cableway counter covers a 1000 meters and can handle 10 persons at the same time – which makes it also ideal for groups.
In addition to the water-ski cableways in Xanten there is the low speed “Easy-Start“, which leads the water-skier along the waterfront and is particularly suitable for beginners.

Once the waterski fun has come to an end, you can have a barbecue and drinks at ‘Après-Ski’ or opt for a touch of southern flair at ‘Palm-Beach’  on the Xanten South Sea, which is open in summer months.

Varied event programme

Water sports, recreation and adventures on the Xanten South Sea are offered through the varied event programme in summer that attracts people from far and near and caters for all ages. It includes open-air cabaret, concerts, beach party and – last but not least – the “Xanten Oktoberfest” that is held at the large marquee.
In recent years, great guest performances have been given by well-known names from the entertainment industry, including Dieter Nuhr, Volker Pispers, the legendary Missfits with band, Atze Schröder, Herbert Knebel, Brunner und Brunner and many more.

FZX-donut and party raft:
A fun get-together on and by the water

If your next, upcoming birthday party, trip with the bowling club or excursion with other club members should be slightly more spectacular, you should definitely check out what the Xanten recreation centre has to offer for groups: groups can combine their party and a cool raft ride with various themes, such as barbecue party, ‘Oktoberfest’, breakfast with German champagne or ‘shanty raft ride’ with music that can also be heard on the German North and Baltic Sea coast.
Matching gastronomic packages, varying from simple BBQ packages to extensive plates with all kinds of delicacies can be ordered with your booking, at the Xanten recreation centre.
The FZX – party rafts are suitable for groups that consist of 20 or of 30 persons. The „FZX-donut“ is very cosy for smaller groups: the round designer boats are equipped with seats, tables and sunshades and ideal for a ride on the Xanten lakes.
Information for guests and clients regarding all programmes and facilities, offered by the Xanten recreation centre are provided by the information centre that can be contacted by telephone on +49 (0)2801 715656 (German speaking).

Address and contact:

Recreation centre Xanten
Information centre
Am Meerend 2
D-46509 Xanten

Information about all companies/departments within the Recreation centre: +49 (0)2801 715656
Telefax: +49 (0)2801 715630

– Register for water sports courses
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– Advice and all-inclusive offers/deals for groups
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Waterskiing Xanten South Sea: Am Meerend 2, 46509 Xanten, Germany

Bathing beach Xanten South Sea: Am Meerend 2, 46509 Xanten, Germany

Vynen marina – Xanten North Sea: Alt-Vynscher-Weg 5, 46509 Xanten, Germany

Wardt marina – Xanten North Sea: Am Meerend 150, 46509 Xanten, Germany

Xanten marina – Xanten South Sea: Salmstr. 30, 46509 Xanten, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0)2801 9820815
– Marina with berths, jetty and boat lift
– Adventure golf at the Xanten marina
– Gastronomy Plaza del Mar – open all year round